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When thinking about the methods of hair removal, you might have come across the terms laser hair removal or laser hair reduction. It is important to note that both are well sought after but they differ in certain aspects. Knowing these can assist you in making the right decision as to which treatment is best for you. Also if you are looking for laser hair removal treatment in Delhi this blog is what you need.

Laser Hair Removal :

Laser hair removal is a process that is aimed at the removal of hair permanently. Here's how it works:

A laser works by releasing light that is absorbed by the pigment in the hair. This light energy is changed to heat and this heat affects the hair follicles thereby causing damage. Injured follicles are incapable of producing hair and thus, gradually the growth of hair is reduced.

- Permanent Solution: The primary objective of laser hair removal is to attain depilation or removal of hair permanently. Most patients achieve a reduction of hair by up to 90% after several treatments.

- Multiple Sessions Required: This is the case because for one to be able to attain permanent hair removal, several sessions may be needed. Hair also regenerates and the laser only works on hair that is in the growth phase.

- Maintenance: It's referred to as 'removal,' however, some of the sessions might require overtime to maintain the area devoid of hair. However, such sessions are generally not as often as the first few treatments.

Laser Hair Reduction:

Laser hair reduction is somewhat different from the two procedures above. The objective here is not to shave the skin bald but to thin out the hair and space it out. It employs lasers but in a different manner, specifically, in cutting or reducing the thickness of the hair.

- Reduction, Not Removal: It means that the goal is to make hair thinner and not very conspicuous. It does not guarantee to remove all hair and one has to visit the parlor to wax the hair permanently.

- Fewer Sessions Needed: Because the target is not the total removal of hair but the thinning of it, the number of sessions is usually less.

- Good for Managing Hair: This option is perhaps suitable for those who do not mind having some hair but would wish to have it less bulky or less conspicuous.

How to Choose?

The difference between laser hair removal and laser hair reduction lies in the objectives and the ways of life.

- Desired Results: In case you want to be hair-free then go for laser hair removal. Laser hair reduction may be better if you are not bothered by having some hair but desire it to be thinner and less visible.

- Time and Commitment: Laser hair removal generally takes more time initially but in terms of the number of sessions. Thus, if you need faster treatment and do not mind not being as close to smooth skin as with Epilady, laser hair removal might be better.

- Budget: Think of your budget. Although laser hair removal might cost more to execute because of the number of sessions required, it will cost less in the long run than other hair removal techniques. Laser hair removal may be cheaper in the short run.

Safety and Effectiveness:

This treatment is safe when it is done by qualified personnel and it can either be hair removal or hair reduction. The side effects involve some skin reactions such as redness and swelling and in rare cases change in skin color. To reduce such risks, one is advised to adhere to the pre and post-treatment advice given by the provider. Also, you need to choose the perfect Laser Hair Reduction Treatment in Delhi to get the best result.

- Consultation: It is advisable to consult a specialist from a well-established clinic such as Eterna Vision and Aesthetics to advise you on the most appropriate treatment depending on your skin tone, hair color, and your ultimate aim of the treatment.

- Technology: When it comes to the application of technology in the clinic, both treatments have been made more effective and comfortable as compared to the past.

Consulting Eterna Vision and Aesthetics professionals will help you choose the best option for you. For more information about the treatment and to book an appointment please visit the official website. They have one of the most skilled female cosmetic surgeons in Delhi which is going to make an effortless experience for you.

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