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With age, our skin gradually becomes loose and saggy. Furthermore, sun damage, weight changes, and genetic predispositions can make it more difficult for our skin to spring back into shape after being stretched. Factors like these can also cause our buttocks and other parts of the body to sag. In this situation, a simple buttock lift or a Brazilian butt lift can do wonders for our body shape in general and buttocks in particular.

Benefits of a Buttock Lift

  1. Provides You With A More Flattering Body Shape - The butt lift doesn't just give your butt a better shape, but also provides you with a more flattering and attractive body shape.
  2. Safer Form of Butt Enhancement - Plastic surgery can go wrong sometimes. Like any other surgery, it has some complications too. As it is cheaper than a butt lift, people often opt for it and end up with multiple complications. Limit the number of side effects by opting for BBL surgery.
  3. Less Visible Cellulite - The surgery will help you get firmer and fuller buttocks, which will inevitably provide your buttocks with a cellulite-free appearance. The procedure will make your lower half more toned and attractive.
  4. Quick Results - Instead of spending hours and hours at the gym, you can opt for a buttock lift. After discussing your expectations with the BBL plastic surgeon, in a matter of hours, you will have the perfect body!
  5. Decreases Fat Pockets - What makes BBL an amazing cosmetic procedure is a fact that the unwanted fat from other areas of your body is removed to make your butt fuller. Making use of the fat that is already present in your hips, stomach, thighs, and love handles, the surgeon helps you lose fat and get the ideal shape by performing just one operation.
  6. Natural Look & Feel - Implants and synthetic fillers can produce unnatural-looking results. But by using your body fat, a more natural enhancement is achieved.

BBL is the only cosmetic procedure that uses your fat deposits to achieve your ideal shape. This means that the result looks and feels natural.

Preparing For a Buttock Lift

The first step involves booking an appointment with a reliable and experienced plastic surgeon. During the first visit, your plastic surgeon will most likely perform the following tasks -

  1. Evaluate Your Medical History - Prepare to respond to questions about your current and previous medical conditions. Talk about your previously-done surgeries too.
  2. A Physical Check-Up - The surgeon will examine your buttocks, skin, and lower body to determine your treatment options. The surgeon may also photograph your buttocks for your medical record. You will also require blood tests.
  3. Talk About Your Expectations - Clarify why you want a buttock lift and what you want your appearance to be like after the procedure. Make sure you understand the advantages and disadvantages, including the possibility of scarring.

You may also need to do the following before performing a buttock lift:

  1. Stop Smoking - Smoking reduces blood flow to the skin and therefore can slow healing. Smoking can also increase your risk of complications significantly. If you smoke, you must quit before surgery and while recovering.
  2. Stop Taking Certain Medications - You should avoid taking blood thinners, aspirin, anti-inflammatory medications, and herbal supplements. They may cause more bleeding.
  3. Maintain A Consistent Weight - Before having a buttock lift, you should try to maintain a stable weight for at least 6 to 12 months. Significant weight loss following the procedure may have an impact on your results.
  4. Make plans for assistance during your recovery - Make arrangements for a person to drive you back to the house after surgery and to accompany you as you recover.

What Can You Expect Before The Procedure?

A general anaesthetic, which puts you to sleep, will be used to make you comfortable during a buttock lift.

To collect urine, a tube will be inserted into your bladder. Your legs will be fitted with sequential compression boots, which are used to keep blood clots at bay during and after surgery.

What Can You Expect During The Procedure?

Your plastic surgeon will create an incision from hip to hip along your lower back. The buttocks are lifted as the excess skin beneath the incision is pulled up. After the excess skin and fat are removed, you will be given an antibiotic to decrease the risk of infection during the procedure. The procedure typically takes 2 to 3 hours. However, if the surgery is coupled with other procedures, such as a body lift, it can take up to six hours.

What Can You Expect After The Procedure?

Your incision will most likely be wrapped with a surgical dressing after a buttock lift. To drain any excess blood or fluid, one or more drains are typically placed under the wound and close to the incision line. Our medical team will assist you with walking on the first day following a buttock lift to help prevent blood clots from forming.

You will most likely experience moderate pain, which will be initially relieved by intravenous pain medication. Drains may be left in place for a few weeks following surgery. You'll learn how to empty and maintain your drains. You may be required to keep taking an antibiotic after your buttock lift. You may also need to take medication after surgery to prevent blood clots.

After a few days, you'll be required to wear a supportive garment for the next few weeks. This will aid in fluid removal and provide support as you heal. Scar management may include the application of silicone sheeting, scar cream, and massage. Your scar's appearance will improve over time.

To keep the wound from reopening, avoid positions that strain your incision line. Your doctor will give you specific instructions. Follow-up visits with a trusted provider will also be required.

At Eterna, we believe in helping you accomplish your dreams of an ideal body. Hurry up and book an appointment with us today!

Average Cost Of Buttock Lift in Delhi

The average cost of a buttock lift in Delhi, particularly at Eterna Vision and Aesthetics Clinic, is influenced by factors such as the clinic's reputation, the surgeon's expertise, and the complexity of the procedure. Generally, buttock lift costs in Delhi may range from INR 1,50,000 to INR 4,00,000 or more. Eva Clinic, renowned for its excellence in cosmetic treatments, provides comprehensive consultations and personalized treatment plans for individuals seeking buttock contouring. With a commitment to achieving natural and aesthetically pleasing results, the clinic utilizes advanced techniques. For precise cost estimates and individualized advice, scheduling a consultation at Eterna Vision and Aesthetics Clinic is recommended.

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