Lip Reduction is a type of cosmetic plastic surgery that assists to achieve a perfect balance between the upper and lower lips. Reduction Cheiloplasty removes the extra tissue that makes up the volume of the lips. This surgery allows altering the posture of the lips by reducing the volume of the lower, upper lip, or both lips. You can recover your lost self-esteem. This surgery improves the overall appearance of a person.

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Dimple creation surgery, also known as Dimpleplasty is a popular cosmetic surgery that helps in the creation of dimples on both the cheeks or on one cheek. This surgical procedure creates dimples on the cheeks without any scar. The small hollow that forms the dimple is the result of a small gap in the cheek muscles. It results in pulling the skin inwards whenever a person smiles.

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Do you want to reverse the sign of aging like fine lines and wrinkles or loose skin? Say goodbye to the signs of aging with Facelift or Rhytidectomy surgery. This procedure helps to correct the signs of aging. It is performed to get rid of the skin that has lost its elasticity. Generally, it corrects the sagging facial skin and muscles and even restores the firmness for creating a youthful look.

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You're still happy, young, and energetic, but you've noticed that your eyes are telling a different story. You've been looking in the mirror lately, pulling back loose, sagging skin around your eyelids, wishing your appearance reflected how you feel on the inside. To top it all off, people are constantly asking if you're tired—even after a good night's sleep. You despise the mirror, your phone camera and any other reflective surface annoys you.

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Lip Augmentation

Who doesn’t want plumpy, fuller lips with a youthful appearance? Lip enhancement is a series of procedures for adding or restoring volume to the lips and a smooth appearance around the lips and the mouth. Along with various surgical procedures such as lip implants, cosmetic surgeries are increasingly using minimally invasive techniques that produce results that last up to 1 year or more.

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Buccal Fat Removal

Buccal fat or buccal fat pad is the naturally-occurring pad of fat deposited in the hollow area beneath each cheekbone. Everyone has buccal fat pads, just the size of the fat pad varies with each individual. One buccal fat pad can be larger than the other fat pad and although it is completely natural many people are still conscious of their appearance of face shape and size which hampers their confidence.

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Prominent Ear Surgery

The ears protruding excessively from the head are referred to as bat ear or also called lop ear or dumbo ear. The anatomically normal protrusion of the ear is 21 degrees to 25 degrees from the head, and if the ear protrudes more than 25 degrees, it makes the ear look extra prominent.

The prominent ear can affect people in many ways, as they always feel concerned. Although it’s not any serious medical condition, the condition still makes people too much concerned. Some people keeping their hair long and always try to keep their ears covered. In the younger population, prominent ears can become the cause of teasing.

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