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Breast reduction liposuction or surgery help women with bigger breasts lead a confident life. Women who opt for breast reduction with liposuction or just traditional breast reduction surgery usually experience severe backaches, shoulder pain, and shoulder strap depressions. Bigger breasts can also provide some women with bad posture (such as droopy shoulders etc.) and inflamed skin below the breasts. Women with bigger breasts also face embarrassment and find it difficult to procure suitable clothing and innerwear. Problems such as these can be treated with breast reduction liposuction or traditional breast reduction surgery. But how does one choose between both? Which one of them is better for you? Keep reading to find out!

Traditional Breast Reduction Surgery Vs Liposuction

Traditional breast reduction surgery is quite a conventional method used to reduce the size of breasts. This procedure also combines the reduction of the breast with a lift which can cause scarring due to the removal of sagging skin from the breast region. The traditional breast reduction surgery takes approximately 3 hours to be completed and is performed after the patient has been administered general anesthetics.

This surgery is different from liposuction. Liposuction involves the removal of fat (reduction of the breast) without excising any skin. Hence, liposuction breast reduction does not leave post-surgical scars on the patient's body. It only targets extra fat present in the breasts and does not address sagging that might be occurring in the patient's breast.

Pros And Cons Of Traditional Breast Surgery

The pros and cons of traditional breast surgery are as follows:-


1. Relieves shoulder, neck, and back pain

2. Will make it easier for you to exercise and eliminate annoying chest rashes

3. Confidence boost

4. Helps you dress better


1. Breast asymmetry

2. Breast contour and shape irregularities

3. Excessive firmness of the breast

4. Changes in nipple or breast sensation

Breast Reduction Liposuction Surgery

Breast reduction liposuction is a procedure that only takes about an hour to perform. This surgery is suitable for women who want to remove a small amount of tissue from their breasts. As this surgery does not involve treatment of sagging breasts, there is minimal scarring and the recovery is faster when compared to a traditional breast reduction.

Over the past two decades, Liposuction has swiftly become the most common surgical procedure in plastic surgery. As liposuction is a very efficient way of getting rid of stubborn and excessive body fat, its popularity everywhere in the world is not surprising. Female patients that complain of excess deposits of fat on their breasts are suitable for breast reduction liposuction. Breast liposuction side effects are minimal and have a huge success rate. The liposuction breast reduction price in India ranges differently as per the analysis done.

Many women would like to reduce their breasts to average size but a few women would like to reduce them even more. The right size for breasts varies from female to female and usually depends on personal preference. The suitable technique for breast reduction depends on personal preference as well as breast composition, physical condition, medical history, and other such factors. A mammogram or ultrasound is also required in some cases to understand the composition of the breasts of a patient better.

If the patient's breast only contains excess fat tissue (instead of excess skin), liposuction is an ideal procedure for them. Liposuction is suitable for patients who want amazing results with minimal scarring and a quicker recovery period. At Eterna, a team of highly-qualified and experienced plastic surgeons specializing in breast reduction liposuction will perform the procedure by creating a single 4 mm incision on either side of the breast. A cannula is used to break down the many layers of fat and suction them out. The glandular tissue is left in its place and a scar-free recovery takes place after the surgery.

Pros And Cons Of Breast Liposuction Surgery

The pros and cons of breast liposuction are as follows -


1. Proportionate breast size

2. Get rid of backaches and neck pains

3. Self-confidence and ease


1. A few complications may occur

2. Tiredness after the surgery

3. Restricted activities till full recovery

Common Problems After Breast Reduction Surgery

Post-surgery complications were found in only 30% of patients within 30 days of the surgery. Some common problems faced by patients after breast reduction surgery are mentioned below:-

1. Infection at the surgical site

2. Delayed wound healing

3. Fat necrosis

4. Partial areola necrosis

5. Total areola necrosis

All of these complications are treatable too and rarely get out of hand. Make sure you contact your surgeon immediately if you experience severe discomfort.

If you have been suffering from any of the above-mentioned problems due to your large breasts, you can opt for either of them. Both traditional breast reduction surgery and liposuction have some pros and cons, it all depends on your preferences at the end of the day. Book an appointment with us today to find out what's best for you!