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Beautiful, smooth skin is no longer a dream. With Hydra Facial it has become something very real. You are only an appointment away from an ever-glowing face!

Approximately two million hydra facials are done globally in a year alone. This means that every 15 seconds, hydra facials are performed on a patient. With the help of a medical-grade hydradermabrasion device, a three-part regimen involving a purifying cleanse, exfoliation, and intensive serum treatment is performed. Hydra Facials are already loved and preferred by millions of people worldwide. After taking a look at the long list of benefits that it will be providing you with, its worldwide popularity makes complete sense.

With Hydra Facial, you won't have to burn a hole in your pocket. It is affordable and costs less than the fortune you spend on the essence, creams, oils, serums, etc. At Eterna Aesthetics especially, a hydra facial treatment in Delhi won't cost you more than the average amount you spend on your skincare.

Hydra facial cost in Delhi ranges from INR

What Is A Hydra Facial?

A Hydra Facial is no common spa treatment. It has a unique procedure of its own that provides patients with radiant skin! People who would like to maintain long-term skin health or get a naturally glowy look often prefer Hydra Facial over any other type of treatment.

It is better than the traditional dermabrasion because you won't have to worry about acne, tiny white bumps on the skin, redness, or swelling. Hydra facial is a gentler approach to clear, smooth, and hydrated skin. This treatment vacuums out all your pores and by using potent actives moisturize brightens, protects, and plumps your skin.

Benefits of Hydra Facial

i) Suitable For All Ages & Concerns

Hydra Facial helps improve your complexion, appearance, and skin texture. It's also suitable for teens with acne, adults with wrinkles, and old patients with sun damage. Individuals of all ages can opt for Hydra Facial to treat the mentioned concerns and more! Patients with active rashes, sunburns, and rosacea should refrain from this treatment though.

ii) Consistent Results

This surgery is not technician-dependent. Although your doctor or surgeon will play a role, the treatment will be carefully done by the machine itself. It is predictably safe and provides you with consistent results all the time. Its gentle technique also ensures zero skin redness or inflammation.

iii) Zero Side Effects from Extraction

People often skip extractions for fear of redness, swelling, or bruising. But with hydra facials, you won't have to worry about any of them. Hydra facial combines the best of all worlds into a relaxing and comfortable massage.

iv) Zero Downtime & Instant Results

Hydra facial is no basic spa treatment. The process takes only 30 minutes and the payoff is quick. It improves a person's skin texture and tone while effectively dealing with stubborn acne or dry, flaky skin. There's no recovery period and you can spot the positive changes on your skin instantly.

v) Customizable

Hydra facials are also customizable! You can add boosters to your treatment or infuse particular potent activities to treat skin concerns that you are facing. Different peels can be used to achieve specific desired results!

The benefits of a Hydra Facial are too many for one to ignore. The list is long and life is too short for you to not opt for a Hydra Facial in Delhi. You should book yourself an appointment as soon as possible!

Hydra Facial Procedure

A medical-grade hydradermabrasion device is used for the treatment. The machine has a handpiece that is equipped with patented vortex technology. This helps us carefully and efficiently use spiralized treatment tips to carry out the three steps of a Hydra Facial - cleansing, exfoliating, and serum treatment. Targeted add-ons and boosters can also be used to treat unique concerns like brown spots, fine lines, and more!

i) Cleansing

The first step is exfoliation. Dead skin cells from the outer layer of your skin are removed to help your skin look brighter and smoother. Pores clogged with dirt and impurities are cleared in this step too!

ii) Extraction

The dirt and impurities present on the surface of your skin are extracted. Topical moisturizers are delivered at the same time.

iii) Protection

Last but not the least, boosters and serums are used to treat skin concerns unique to you. This part is customizable and you can add other serums or pick a concern you want to treat. We will then exfoliate, extract and infuse your skin for a complete rejuvenation!

The treatment takes around 30 minutes to be over. There's no recovery time and you can spot instant changes in your skin!

At Eterna Aesthetics, we take extra steps to ensure the efficiency of this treatment. We also help you deal with a specific skin concern and help you pick the right treatment for them according to your skin type. So, if you are looking for a Hydra Face in Delhi, you know where to find us!

Average Cost Of Hydra Facial in Delhi

The average cost of a Hydra Facial in Delhi, particularly at Eterna Vision and Aesthetics Clinic, can vary based on factors such as the specific HydraFacial treatment, additional enhancements, and the clinic's reputation. Generally, HydraFacial costs in Delhi may range from INR 3,000 to INR 15,000 or more per session. Eva Clinic, recognized for its expertise in cosmetic treatments, offers comprehensive consultations and personalized HydraFacial plans for individuals seeking a rejuvenated and hydrated complexion. With a commitment to achieving radiant and refreshed skin, the clinic utilizes advanced HydraFacial technologies. For precise cost estimates and individualized advice, scheduling a consultation at Eterna Vision and Aesthetics Clinic is recommended.

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