Lip Reduction Surgery In Delhi

Lip Reduction is a type of cosmetic plastic surgery that assists to achieve a perfect balance between the upper and lower lips. Reduction Cheiloplasty removes the extra tissue that makes up the volume of the lips. This reduction surgery allows altering the posture of the lips by reducing the volume of the lower, upper lip, or both lips. You can recover your lost self-esteem. This reduction surgery improves the overall appearance of a person.

The procedure of Lip Reduction

Are you unhappy with the shape and size of your lips? Get in touch with a surgeon today, to know if you are a suitable candidate for this surgery. It is an outpatient procedure and is either performed at the hospital or the surgeon’s clinic. This surgery is done with local or general anesthesia.

The lip reduction surgery gets completed within an hour and it’s a day procedure. Hence, the patient doesn’t need to stay at the hospital overnight.


Local or general anesthesia is applied to numb the lips. A small incision is made throughout the length of the upper or lower lip. The surgeon makes an incision on the inner side of the lip in a horizontal manner. To reduce the scars, the surgery is carried out on the inner pink portion of the lips. After an incision is made to the area, a layer of excess skin along with some tissue is taken out. It helps to reduce the volume of the lips. After the removal of the tissues, the incision is closed with stitches. The stitches get dissolved naturally. You don’t need to visit the surgeon for cutting the stitches.

Advantages of Lip Reduction

  • Gets rid of the extra tissue which causes lip deformity
  • It creates facial harmony by maintaining a balance between the upper and lower lips
  • It gives you a young and sensual look
  • No more asymmetric lips
  • It doesn’t leave any visible scars
  • Minimal downtime

Risk of Lip Reduction Surgery

Just like any other surgery, lip reduction surgery also comes with certain risks. They are:

  • Infection
  • Pain
  • Numbness

Recovery from lip reduction surgery

  • The patient would experience some kind of pain and discomfort for the first few days after the surgery.
  • Resume normal activities after 7-10 days of the surgery.
  • Ice pack to be applied on the lips.
  • Stay away from doing strenuous jobs for at least 8 weeks post-surgery.

Average Cost Of Lip Reduction in Delhi

The average cost of lip reduction in Delhi, particularly at Eterna Vision and Aesthetics Clinic, is influenced by factors such as the clinic's reputation, the surgeon's experience, and the complexity of the procedure. Generally, lip reduction costs may range from INR 30,000 to INR 80,000 or more. Eva Clinic is esteemed for its commitment to delivering top-notch cosmetic services. Patients seeking lip reduction can anticipate a thorough consultation, individualized treatment plans, and a focus on achieving natural and harmonious results. To obtain precise cost estimates and discuss specific needs, scheduling a consultation at Eterna Vision and Aesthetics Clinic is recommended.

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    Frequently asked questions About Lip Reduction:

    Lip reduction surgery not only alters the look of your lips but also improves the overall appearance of your face to a great extent.

    You may experience some kind of discomfort after the surgery. You would be allowed to go home on the day of the surgery. The lips remain swelled up for many days. During that time, you should consume soft or liquid food. The swelling settles down within the first few days to a week.

    Certain risks are associated with this surgery. Some of the general risks that involve with this surgery are bruising, infection, bleeding, swelling, and numbness.

    The scars are not visible normally. The incision is made inside the mouth; hence, there is a minimal scar.

    Yes, lip reduction or Cheiloplasty is performed with local anesthesia.

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